the AEE project

During the last semester of my undergrad, I will be completing multiple projects. Part of the process is to document certain phases of each project which will act as a visual diary.  The current project I am working on will fulfill a graduation requirement, the Alternate Education Experience. This project centers on reflection and my time spent in Rome, the Eternal city and the continuous exposure of religious art. It’s as if my artistic soul has been possessed by the visual ecstasy of baroque typology and haunted by medieval and renaissance alter pieces. 

The churches of Rome fill the city with art from multiple periods. Each church is a unique experience, from Byzantine mosaics, medieval alter pieces, renaissance frescos and my favorite, baroque marble reliefs, the art one experiences in Rome is monumental. The chapels that frame the napes of Rome’s grand churches are filled with paintings and frescos. On the ceilings biblical stories are painted in an illusory tradition, it is if the painting’s share the same physical space with us and is a portal to the heavens. The floors are decorated with elaborate geometric mosaics and inlayed marble crests, every inch of the church is adorned.

I am particularly interested in Baroque churches and their marble and stone reliefs depicting ecstasy and mysticism of the saints. Allegories of multiple realms from the heavens, purgatory and the underworld with figures rendered in marble to represent saints, mystics, angels, cherubs and fallen souls, provoke a shared experience with the viewer. Which is a primary goal of religious works of art.

In my practice, I also explore shared experiences and connections. The foremost goal of baroque art is a combination of; ecstasy, rapture, psycho-physical conditions and mystical activities paired with the viewer being stimulated and persuaded at the same time.  Hence, the beholder is motivated to partake in the mystical manifestations of the saints. For the individuals who view my work, I hope they experience a sense of familiarity and a communal sensation.

The personal connection I form by studying baroque marble reliefs, gilded alter pieces and frescos from the renaissance has left an imprint on my consciousness, which I will translate and present as artwork. This endeavor is the starting point for a body of work that will evolve over time, I always let my art work form organically. my first piece will be a fusion of baroque typology and my personal collection of images that will create a contemporary dialog. The methodology for my artistic process begins with an initial interest and a collection of images that illuminate a fixation. As a result, focused research can begin and concepts develop. Creating visual results of my research is my objective, my purpose, my work.

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